I’ve named this post Yarn Stories because I actually got to see this today, and touch it, and work with it. It’s really lovely. This donut ball is called Mulberry, and is Fine Merino and Baby Alpaca in DK.

It works beautifully. It took me quite a while to find a pattern, and then finally settled on this one

It is a simple pattern of fans, which I am hoping will show off the beauty of the yarn. And be quick.

I will get to keep this when it’s finished because Lexie can’t wear wool. She is allergic to lanolin, bless her.

The project has only just begun, but here it is so far

I’m using a 5.5mm hook to enhance the lace pattern. It seems to be working well so far. The colour is truer in the top pictures.

My meeting with my rep was fun, and I have ordered the whole range of Jeanie. That is four colours. It’s a super aran weight yarn in shades of denim blue. Cotton and acrylic. Lovely. The palest blue is perfect for Lexie’s school uniform, so I had better learn how to crochet a garment, pdq. Stylecraft do patterns, but they’re all for knitting, and I’m a crochet girl. I will look out something good. It’s a true weight aran, so apparently it works every time.

These two new yarns are nearer the top of the range, but I really feel are worth paying for, or I wouldn’t have made the investment myself. I think the Jeanie will be £4.75 for 100g, and the Yarn Stories will be more, but we can discuss that when it comes. I do like Stylecraft yarns. The entry level ones are terrific, so the premium ones really are worth the money.


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