There just aren’t enough yarn shops in the world. We need more colour and squidgyness. So, my mission (I chose to accept it, so there is nothing I can do now), is to bring wool to those who need it.

I have lots of yarn already, and a van, and the will to come and share it all. I also have a special daughter, who is now 15 and facing a future where there are no jobs for her, and not much in the way of potential daytime distractions when she leaves school, so she would be better using her time sharing woolly things with like minds. It is her future which motivates me;  and sharing the colours and textures which make me and my customers happy.

Join us on our journey in Yarnsharing. We don’t know where we will be headed. Maybe a shop. Maybe just a website. Whatever it turns out to be, it will be a yarny ride!

Stylecraft Special DK, aran and chunky. Lots of colours. £1.99

Lots of colours

Stylecraft Batik. 16 colours. £2.15

Crochet is so pretty

The Crochet Cottage. This is where I run classes and think Crochet thoughts. You can join me if you’re local.


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