So, the cowl is complete. I whip stitched it from the inside, and worked the ends in. Afterwards, I had that shortish length left, and did wonder if it might stretch to a flower.

I selected a 3.5mm hook, and tried a magic circle, ch 3, 2 tr, 3ch, sl st. After three petals, it became apparent that there wasn’t enough yarn, so I frogged it back and made the flower with 3ch, 1 tr, 3 ch, sl st, five times.

There was enough yarn left to sew the flower on firmly, and work the ends in securely. There were surgeon’s knots involved.

If you look carefully, you should be able to see the tiny flower by the shaft of the yellow hook. And not much yarn left!

The cowl is beautifully soft and warm. I shall so be stocking this yarn. I’m off to the trade show in a couple of weeks, so I shall look at the whole range ‘in the wool’ and decide how much of it to go for.

In the meantime, there are some new shades of Stylecraft Sundae, which I haven’t ordered yet because I don’t seem to have been able to stir up much excitement for this lovely cottony yarn. I have decided to do a Crochet Along, so the design process starts now. Watch this space for some spring/summer simple stitchy fun.



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