Recently, we have been making baby hats and blankets for people in Nepal 🇳🇵. One of our lovely group members has a connection, and we have been having fun making pretty hats (over 100!) and a few blankets as well, just to help out. It’s been so enjoyable, we have looked for local charities who would also like to have some of our handmade things. Hospitals have been less keen, so we will be supporting Caring Hands, which is a local Evesham charity, helping people who find themselves in a sticky situation. They offer basic assistance, on a temporary basis, to those who may not have enough to eat, or somewhere permanent to live. A very nice lady came the other day to talk to us, and a very sad talk it was, too. It’s so easy to forget others’ struggles when we can’t see them. 

As a result of Diane’s visit, we will be supporting Caring Hands as much as we can, along with the other things we do here. So, we will collect non-perishable food for the food bank, household items and toiletries, and some homemade things, too. Most of the rough sleepers are men, and they would like gloves for the colder weather. They don’t like mittens (because they’re not 5), but fingerless gloves are appreciated. The charity has lots of hats and scarves, but we guess they will get through a fair few of them, so we’re not saying no to those either. Dark colours are preferred. 

Sadly, babies and children are in need of nice, warm things, too. The charity doesn’t have any silly rules, and will happily receive anything made with love and care. If it is made as well as you would make for a friend or relative, then that will be fine. And, as Christmas looms, they would love to have nice things for gifts, for people of all ages. 

I could go on for hours about social need and so on, but essentially, zero hours contracts, benefit changes and other things can plunge people into horrible situations they had no idea were lurking on the horizon. If you would like to support them via the shop, please bring your things along, or you could send knitted or crochet items by post if you live far away and would like to help. 

We have finished making things for Nepal now, as the man is off any day, but we are collecting for Children in Need in our tea and coffee box, as it’s that time of year, and we always have a Macmillan box on the go, in exchange for a pattern or a pair of vintage needles. 

We are planning a World’s Biggest Coffee Morning for 28 September, 10-12. Please come along, and bring cake. 🍰 

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